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     廂式壓濾機的兩種用法      對于粘稠性的懸濁液,廂式壓濾機這種設計結構是特別合適的。而且新的結構設計能夠在濾板加熱的過程中同時施加真空,可將濾餅干燥到含水量低于1%的水平。 。為了證實其機能的優勝性,

    以20ram厚度的石灰濾餅進行的運行試驗表明,在低于100℃和4kPa的壓力前提下操縱時只需約1h就能將含水量降低到1% ,而傳統的真空干燥機則需要4h左右。熱水在板框間進行輪回,加熱金屬板框并干燥濾餅。金屬板的傳熱速率比用PP制的板片進步4倍左右。目前這種濾機的能力可以做到1~5kt/a的水平,合用于精細化工和制藥行業。因為新的設計結構能夠進行雙側過濾,從而減少了過濾時間。  德國威斯巴登的Filtech(過濾技術)公司推出了一種由拜耳技術服務公司和斯特拉斯堡過濾器公司合作開發的加熱板式過濾器,這種也可以改裝成傳統型壓濾機的過濾器將過濾和干燥組合在一個單元中,從而大大減少丁過濾工序的時間和投資本錢。這種過濾系統由夾在金屬板框之間的膜式過濾板疊加而成。此外,懸濁液或濾出液通道廂式壓濾機的清洗也可以組合在過濾工序的下游一側,對于傳統的板式壓濾機這也是做不到的
    The two uses of van filter press are particularly suitable for the viscous suspension. Moreover, the new structural design can simultaneously apply vacuum during the heating process of the filter plate, so that the cake can be dried to a level below 1% of water content. In order to prove the superiority of its function,
    The operation test of lime cake with 20ram thickness showed that water content could be reduced to 1% at less than 100 C and 4kPa under pressure, and the traditional vacuum dryer needed about 4H. Hot water circulates between the frames, heating the metal frame and drying the cake. The heat transfer rate of metal plate is about 4 times higher than that made of PP. At present, the capacity of the filter can reach 1 ~ 5kt / a level, which is suitable for the fine chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Because the new design structure can carry out bilateral filtering, thus reducing the filtering time. Filtech, in Wiesbaden, Germany, has launched a heated plate filter developed by the Bayer technology service company and the Strasbourg filter company, which can also be converted into a traditional filter filter that combines filtering and drying in a single unit, thereby greatly reducing the filtration process. Time and investment cost. The filtration system is made up of a membrane filter plate sandwiched between metal plates and frames. In addition, the cleaning of the wing filter press of the suspension or filter fluid can also be combined on the downstream side of the filter process, which is not possible for the traditional plate filter press.