Steroids: Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Steroids UKDespite the controversy around steroids, it is common knowledge now that there are a lot of people out there who use steroids especially in industries where having a good physique is part of the job description. You would often hear about legal steroids for sale as well in the UK and cannot help but ask questions about it. If you cannot think of any steroids alternative that might for you, you might as well read the commonly asked questions about legal steroids to learn more about it.

Legal steroids UK: what are they?

Legal steroids have ingredients that allow a person’s body to imitate the natural hormone production. Testerone is needed for the body to gain muscle mass. And legal steroids help to achieve this muscle mass gain by increasing the body’s hormone levels to ensure that it has enough.

Are there any chemicals in legal steroids?

Yes, there is a chemical called DHEA however this has been approved by the FDA. Otherwise, everything else in steroids can be considered as natural ingredients.

Differentiate anabolic steroids from legal steroids

Anabolic steroids do not have to be processed by the body when you inject them because they contains carbons that have already been completed. Legal steroids on the other hand mimic the body’s natural hormone production. Legal steroids UK have carbons that have not yet been completed and for your body to be able to process this, you need to exercise or lift weights. When it has already been completed, your body now has the perfect environment to gain more muscles.

How much gain can you expect from taking legal steroids?

If you check out the websites of legal steroids uk sellers, you will find that some of them say that you can gain up to 30 lbs in as short as thirty days. However, this seems exaggerated and probably for marketing purposes. If you try to be more realistic though, you can expect to gain around ten pounds a month when you use legal steroids. This might not seem like a lot to many but this is actually double the mass that you can expect to gain from just rigorous training and proper diet without using any kind of supplement.

For how long can I keep using steroids before it has any side effects?

A recommended cycle would be to take it for two months and then one month off the steroids. Why is this? It is easy for a person’s body to get used to any substance or routine. And just like how you have to regularly change your training regimen to continue getting results, the same thing applies for legal steroids. If you also like to take it for a shorter period, you can also try a cycle where you take it for a month and then take one month off from the steroids after.

Who can take legal steroids?

As long as you are over the age of eighteen, you can take legal steroids. But the type of legal steroids that you should be taking also depends on what you want to achieve.

Can women use legal steroids too?

There are legal steroids for women as well. Legal steroids for women allow women to have better stamina and endurance for their training.

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