Don’t let your body give in to the aging process.

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If you are experiencing signs of aging or male menopause such as lack of energy, decreased muscle tone, more body fat, or reduced sexual function, this new, revolutionary anti-aging system is designed just for you. The Essential RegiMEN incorporates three potent products scientifically designed to work safely and naturally to counteract male aging. Combined with exercise and proper nutrition, the three Essential RegiMEN products work synergistically to help you achieve:

  • Testosterone Support RegiMEN, a natural supplement for low testosterone (low t), restores muscle tone and improves sex drive and desire
  • Growth Hormone Support RegiMEN to increase lean muscle and strength and reduce body fat
  • Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory RegiMEN, the best anti aging supplement available for decreasing inflammatory response and preventing oxidation, two major contributors to the aging process in men.
The Complete Essential RegiMEN
The Complete Essential RegiMEN

Our 3 most essential anti-aging solutions bundled together to give you the support you need at a great price.

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Essential Regimen

The three Essential RegiMEN products work as a system, but to learn more about each one, simply click on the links above. To learn more about the benefits of the Essential RegiMEN system, click on the Learn More link.

Essential Regimen

“After two weeks on RegiMEN’s Testosterone Support product I noted a significant change. At 53, aging is not an issue in my life and I continue to do and enjoy all of those things I did at 35″ – Tim Riley

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Essential RegiMEN

A powerful anti-aging solution

Male hormones such as testosterone, thyroid, human growth hormone, and DHEA start to decline in the mid-twenties. Effects are usually felt by age 35, and, every man will eventually become andropausal (think male menopause). It is inevitable. In fact, 4 out of 5 men will experience these symptoms of aging by the time they hit 40 years old.

Symptoms of andropause include lack of energy, decreased muscle tone, increased body fat, wrinkles, night sweats, trouble sleeping, cardiovascular disease, diminished mental acuity, and, decreased sexual function. Until now men were faced with either accepting these signs of aging or undergoing expensive hormone replacement therapy. The RegiMEN scientific team, consisting of Dr. Robert Burke, working in conjunction with other M.D.s and scientists, has developed the Essential RegiMEN.

The Essential RegiMEN consists of Testosterone Support, Growth Hormone Support and our powerful Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory. These three products are natural and safe and work synergistically, in combination with exercise and the proper nutrition plan to slow the signs of male aging. Because these products work together to deliver a powerful anti-aging solution, they are recommended to be taken together as the Essential RegiMEN system. Don’t let your body give in to the aging process…start on the Essential RegiMEN today.


Testosterone Support RegiMEN

Maximize Natural Testosterone Production


Enjoy More Youthful Vigor When the aging process lowers your testosterone and causes you to have less energy, decreased libido and more body fat (particularly around the abdomen) you need RegiMEN’s Testosterone Support. The proprietary anabolic, anti-estrogen blend has proven effective in restoring testosterone levels naturally without the use of unsafe, illegal steroids or pro-hormones.

  • Restore muscle tone
  • Improve sex drive and desire
  • Increase performance and stamina
  • Enhance your sense of well-being

There’s no reason to suffer from low testosterone. Let our scientifically formulated Testosterone Support help restore those male hormones to levels of a younger man!

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Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone Support RegiMEN

Optimize Natural Growth Hormone Secretion

Go Ahead And Fool Mother NatureOlder men’s bodies release less human Growth Hormone (hGH), which speeds up signs of aging such as wrinkles, gray hair, reduced energy and poor muscle tone. But RegiMEN’s Growth Hormone Support uses a potent BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) formulation to promote your body’s own hGH release and support protein synthesis – all safely and naturally, with no needles, steroids or adverse side effects.

  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Reduce body fat
  • Enhance immunity
  • Strengthen mental capacity

Discover how good it feels to fight the aging process and improve your physical, mental, and sexual abilities, with safe, all-natural RegiMEN Growth Hormone Support.

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Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory RegiMEN

Attack Cell-Damaging Free Radicals

Complete the Essential Anti-Aging System Over time, aging depletes the body’s built-in defense mechanisms, which is why you need RegiMEN’s Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory. Our proprietary formula combines resveratrol (the antioxidant in red wine), quercetin (a plant-derived flavonoid known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties), and the patented BCM-95 tumeric, plus lycopene, bromelaine and wolfberry extract. This incredible blend provides the optimal anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory formula for men.

  • Neutralize cell damage
  • Combat free radicals
  • Boost immunity
  • Decrease inflammatory response

Guard against two major contributors to the aging process, oxidation and inflammation, with RegiMEN’s Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory.

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